Test Your Movie and Camera Knowledge with Our “Cameras in the Movies” Quiz


posted Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 6:27 PM EDT

Quiz1Like lots of photographers, I'm a movie buff and I especially love movies that feature cameras. To test your "cameras in the movies skills," here's a pop quiz with 15 questions.

How many can you answer correctly without cheating with Wikipedia or Google?

We'll provide you with the answers in a follow-up post on Monday. In the mean time, feel free to sound off with your guesses in the comments section below.

Good luck.
1. In Roman Polanski’s Chinatown, what camera did Jack Nicholson’s Jake Gittes use in his surveillance activities?

2. What old magical camera is used by one of the students in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

Quiz cartoon spideys leicam33. In Spiderman, Tobey Maguire plays reporter Peter Parker. What does he shoot his spot news with?

4. The movie Pecker is about a young photographer’s sudden rise to fame in the art world. What camera does he use?

5. In Catch Me If You Can, Leonardo DiCaprio poses as a school newspaper reporter. What is the camera hanging from his neck?

6. In Crocodile Dundee, Linda Kozlowski plays a reporter and photographs Mick Dundee with what camera?

7. In Woody Allen’s Vicky Christina Barcelona, what camera appears between the love scenes?

8. David Hemmings discovers a murder and straddles model Verushcka in Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up. What was his all-purpose camera of choice?

9. Besides several Nikon Fs, what other Nikon camera does Clint Eastwood use in The Bridges of Madison County?

Quiz lotte lenya young10. In real life, Jeff Bridges is a well-known WideLux photographer but in "reel" life he used something else in the 1970s remake of King Kong. What was it?

11. At end of the first Terminator movie, a fateful picture of Sarah Conner is taken by a small Mexican boy. What was the camera he used to help save the world?

12. Ringo Starr was a serious photographer besides being the drummer for the Fab Four. In A Hard Day’s Night, he strolls around an empty field aimlessly taking pictures. What did he trade in his drumsticks for?

13. After the four “cute” aliens get their coifs and makeovers in Earth Girls Are Easy, they have their photos taken with a very special camera. What was it?

14. The Austrian singer and actress Lotte Lenya played the evil Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love. In one scene she “takes” pictures with what kind of camera?

15. Perhaps the most famous camera in a movie was the one used by Jimmy Stewart in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. The movie was released in 1954 and the camera Stewart used was one of the most up-to-date Single Lens Reflexes of its time. What was it?