Take Coristine’s ‘One in a Thousand’ to your Desert Island


posted Friday, June 29, 2012 at 12:22 PM EST

OneThe trouble with most of those books you'd take to a deserted island is that they don't say much about islands. This one is different.

"Several years ago when I was in the aircraft business (distributing Challenger ultralight aircraft across Canada), I went on a random flight with a couple of friends that changed my life. I happened to trip across a relatively unknown place (the Thousand Islands) that wrapped around my soul. The short version is that I fell in love, found an island (the only one that could safely protect my floatplane from storms), and began a new life," Ian Coristine explained to us in an email recently.

We spent a few days in Ian's world, courtesy of this marvelous ebook for the iPad. We learned a lot about island life.

Ian's story will help you civilize your island while proving that nobody is one. And if you don't have an island of your own (yet), this could just point you in the right direction. It easily convinced us to put fresh batteries in my flashlight so we could start looking. Because now, at least, we know what to look for. And we're not just talking about islands.

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