Canon acknowledges S100 lens issue, promises free repairs


posted Friday, June 29, 2012 at 11:11 AM EST

Canon's PowerShot S100 digital camera. Copyright © 2011, Imaging Resource. All rights reserved. Click to read our Canon S100 review!Since its launch back in September 2011, the pocket-friendly Canon PowerShot S100 has proven to be quite a popular camera with photographers seeking better-than-average image quality by compact camera standards. It certainly doesn't hurt that the S100 also offers Full HD video capture, plus a built-in GPS receiver that's used both to geotag images with their capture location, and to keep the camera's clock in sync.

All isn't entirely rosy in S100 user land, though. From early this year, some users have been finding a Lens Error message displayed on their camera's LCD panel.

The message typically indicate issues with the lens mechanism that can be caused by accidental knocks and bumps, dirt getting inside the lens barrel, and the like. In the case of the PowerShot S100, though, it turns out that the problem can potentially occur simply by using the camera in areas of high temperature or humidity. According to a product advisory published by the company yesterday, the problem manifests itself after a part inside the camera becomes disconnected.

Canon states that the problem is restricted to cameras with a serial number starting with any number from 29 to 41. Should your Canon S100 suffer from the problem, the company's US division has pledged to fix it free of charge, even if the warranty has already expired. (With, of course, a note that these free repairs will continue only for as long as the company's standard service period for the specific model, not to be confused with the user's warranty period.)

Canon UK likewise pledges a free fix, although it doesn't mention whether this will be extended after warranty expiration. Canon Canada doesn't seem to have made a statement at this time, but a notice from Canon Australia / New Zealand confirms the free repair program in those markets, regardless of warranty status. Rounding out the list of predominantly English-speaking countries, Canon Ireland has issued a statement mirroring that from Canon UK (but with their own contact details, of course.)

More details can be found at the links above, or from your local Canon agent.