Photos from American malls in the 1990s to become a book


posted Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 10:20 AM EDT

A series of photos shot in American malls in the 1990s that sparked interest on the Internet yesterday are slated to become a book, thanks to a successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign.

The artless but revealing documentary style photos, were captured by musician and photographer Michael Galinsky with "a cheap Nikon FG-20 and an even cheaper lens" in malls from Long Island to Seattle.

Here's how Galinsky tells it on his Kickstarter page for the project.

"In 1989, following in the footsteps of Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, and William Eggleston, I drove across the country and documented malls across America. I had a cheap Nikon FG-20 and an even cheaper lens - but I had a lot of passion.

I shot about 30 rolls of slide film in malls from Long Island to North Dakota to Seattle. It was hard to tell from the images where they were taken, and that was kind of the point. I was interested in the creeping loss of regional differences. I thought a lot about Frank's 'The Americans' as we drove from place to place without any sense of place."


Galinksy had been hoping to raise $12,000 via Kickstarter but eclipsed that, netting $13,282 from 325 backers. The book is tentatively titled "Malls Across America."


See a video slideshow of the images below with accompaniment from a kick-ass song by Galinsky's band sleepyhead. See more of his classsic '90s photos here.

More info on the book project at the Kickstarter page.

(Via Reddit)