Jeff Cable discusses how to shoot night photography (VIDEO)


posted Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 9:26 AM EST


Our friend Jeff Cable is featured in an interesting new educational video shot at the B&H Photo and Video Store in New York City. Jeff, who we know mainly as a sports photographer who wrote about how to pack a gear bag for the Olympics, discusses his passion for night photography in this seminar entitled: "Pixels After Dark: Shooting the Night."

"The sun goes down and people leave. This is when I show up," Cable says in the video, before sharing his tips and tricks on how to get great night shots.

We've featured some of these B&H educational videos before -- including this one about "The Basics of Nature Photography," by National Geographic photographer Michael Melford -- and while they are rather long, they're well worth the time.

So grab a couple of coffee and sit back and watch Jeff discuss his night photography and how you can improve yours. Also, check out Jeff's photography blog here.

(via Reddit)