Canon EOS C300 firmware update brings improvements including reduced fringing


posted Monday, February 18, 2013 at 4:41 PM EDT

Back in November 2011, Canon launched its new Cinema EOS video camera line. Although several previous EOS-series cameras had been widely adopted by videographers, this was the first time the company had created EOS-branded products designed first and foremost for video use. As evidence of its ambitions for the series, the new cameras were introduced by famed director Martin Scorsese at an event in Hollywood, a couple of months before going on sale. The Cinema EOS C300 and C300 PL have been available for a year now, but the company is continuing to make improvements to both.

The latest firmware versions for both cameras, released in the last few days, aim to reduce the severity of color fringing on high-contrast edges. They also improve reliability with certain, unspecified Canon EF-mount lenses, and correct some typos in the Spanish and German-language menus. The new firmware for both the Canon EOS C300 and C300 PL carries version number

More details and the firmware updates themselves can be found on the Canon USA website at the links below: