Watch this crazy inside-the-mouth footage as lion tries to eat GoPro camera


posted Monday, February 18, 2013 at 6:35 PM EDT


Lions certainly seem to be prone to gnawing on perfectly good cameras. Or maybe it's those pesky photographers who keep putting their gear in places where lions mistake it for food.

Last November, we told you about this lioness who tried to take a bite out of photographer Ed Hetherington's Canon 5D Mark II. Now here's another lioness who thinks a GoPro mounted on a miniature, robotic tank is actually a tasty snack. (See video below.)

Operated remotely by safari photographer Chris Bray, the mobile GoPro is pecked, prodded and pawed at by the lioness until she finally decides to just clomp down and carry the thing off in her mouth. (The inside-the-mouth footage is quite memorable!)

Finally realizing that the roving gizmo isn't very tasty, the lioness spits out her "prey" and moves on. Make sure to watch to the end when the mobile GoPro gadget nearly gets squashed by a wandering elephant!

(Via Photoxels)