Rove around Mars in this awesome 360-degree interactive panorama experience


posted Friday, February 22, 2013 at 12:56 PM EDT


Ever wonder what life is like on Mars? Well, now you can experience it thanks to this mind-blowing, 360-degree Mars Panorama created by photographer Andrew Bodrov.

Called "Mars Panorama - Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 177," and posted on the 360Cities website, the interactive experience is a great way to spend a Friday.  (We've been roving around the Red Planet panorama for about an hour now but still have not spotted Marvin the Martian.)

The images were captured as part of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission. The mission's much celebrated rover, Curiosity, has been analyzing soil and rock samples from the Gale Crater on Mars.

The Mars Panorama is embedded below or you can access it here on the 360Cities website.

(Thanks Luke!)

Mars Panorama - Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 177 in Out of this World