Canon S110 review: Canon trades GPS for instant sharing—can the camera giant master Wi-Fi at last?


posted Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 12:42 AM EST

The Canon S110 is the latest in a long line of PowerShot S-series cameras, and it has some mighty big shoes to fill. The PowerShot S line has proven popular with enthusiast photographers, and for good reason: The pairing of a pocket-friendly body with enthusiast-oriented features like twin control dials and a raw file format is a potent one. Add in good image quality compared to their compact camera brethren, and it's no surprise that for three consecutive generations, PowerShot S cameras have earned our coveted Dave's Pick award.

For the new generation, the PowerShot S110 replaces its predecessor's built-in GPS receiver with a Wi-Fi radio, and adds a touch screen display for good measure. Canon has stumbled in past attempts to make a sharing-friendly camera, and touch screens too have proven divisive with photographers. Will the Canon S110 be the camera that makes good on both features, and can it earn another Dave's Pick for Canon? Read our Canon S110 review, and find out!