Boston Globe photographer discusses capturing scenes of horror at marathon (VIDEO)


posted Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 12:27 PM EST


Boston Globe photographer John Tlumacki was one of the first people on the scene after bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon on Monday and he was one of the first to capture the scenes of chaos and horror with his camera.

In a video interview on ABC News (embedded below), Tlumacki discusses the experience, one which he hopes to never have to go through again.

"Nothing can compare to what I saw yesterday. It was just incredible to see the chaos, the bodies, the blood," Tlumacki, a professional photographer for 30 years, said. "I just hope I never have to see that type of scene again. It was supposed to be a happy event. We cover it every year and we never expected something like this to happen."

Tlumacki was at the finish line when the first bomb exploded not far in front of him. In the video interview, he discusses one of his most widely circulated images from the chaos, which shows an elderly runner collapsed on the ground from the force of the blast, surrounded by police officers.

"I spoke with him last night. He's doing ok. And I'm just going to hope to meet up with him later. He felt the blast knock him down and it made his legs weak and he just collapsed to the ground. I think he was in shock. He had his eyes set on the finish line which was 15 feet away and he just collapsed."