Canon T5i First Shots: Does this mid-level DSLR produce the same image quality as the Rebel T4i?


posted Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 10:17 AM EDT


We've just posted First Shots -- still life images taken under controlled conditions in the IR Lab -- for the Canon T5i. Although this 18-megapixel Canon Rebel T5i is essentially the same DSLR camera as its predecessor, the Rebel T4i, we're doing a full battery of tests with the new model just to make sure there haven't been any unreported changes that would affect image quality.

According to the briefings we've received and a thorough examination of the specs, the main upgrades to the T5i include a new kit lens, real-time viewing of creative filter effects, an improved Mode dial and a revamped rubber grip. That all might not sound like enough upgrades to warrant a brand new model -- especially the rubber grip part -- but it's evident that Canon wanted to deal with an issue that plagued the T4i and effectively replace it with a new flagship Rebel model.

You can look at images taken with the Canon T5i and T4i side by side in our Comparometer™. You can even compare their images against those from any other camera we've tested, including the Canon SL1, a new compact DSLR that also boasts the same sensor and processor.

See First Shots taken with the Canon T5i here. And be sure to read our hands-on Canon Rebel T5i preview for a detailed look at the DSLR's new features. You can expect to see our full Canon T5i review posted in the coming weeks.