Annie Leibovitz’s optimistic take on the future of photography (VIDEO)


posted Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 3:12 PM EDT


Professional photographers have a lot to complain about these days, particularly with the CEOs of some well-known photo services suggesting that pros are an endangered species now that everyone takes photos all the time.

But don't tell that to legendary pro Annie Leibovitz, who had a very optimistic take on the future of photography when she was interviewed recently at the Cannes Lions Festival. Here's part of what she said and you can watch the video interview below.

“I think that those of us who are photographers, the difference between us and everyone else is we take what we do very seriously...In this day and age, of things moving so, so fast, we still long for things to stop. And we love the still image. We still, as a society, love the still image, and you know, any time there’s some, God forbid, horrible disaster, or terrible moment or a great moment, we remember the stills.”

Since she's Annie Leibovitz though, she's bound to cause controversy, even with such seemingly positive and innocuous statements as these. Flavorwire, for example, didn't cotton to her comments, critcizing them and her work in general in this essay, "Why Annie Leibovitz Is Wrong About the State of Photography."

Check out the brief interview with Leibovitz and tell us what you think.

(Via The Guardian)