One-click image correction on iOS mobile devices gets a boost with iCorrect update


posted Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at 6:01 PM EST

One-click image correction of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch photos just got a boost, thanks to updated software today from iOS software developer Fresh Air Software.

The company licenses the technology used in Pictocolor's iCorrect plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom on the desktop, and uses it to power its own iCorrect OneClick app for Apple's mobile devices. Like the Windows / Mac plugins its related to, iCorrect OneClick aims to improve on the out-of-box results from your camera, correcting variables such as exposure, color balance, and more. It also offers manual fine-tuning of the results, and provides creative tools that let you tweak the look of your images in other ways.

iCorrect OneClick, Fresh Air Software's iOS image-tweaking app, now sports better sharing options on tablets and phones.

Arguably, there's even more scope for improvement with a camera phone image than there is with a shot from a typical compact camera or interchangeable-lens model with a much larger sensor. And of course, putting the app on your mobile device means you can quickly tweak shots before sharing them on social media. For those reasons, iCorrect makes a lot of sense on iOS devices.

So what's new in the latest releases of iCorrect OneClick Color and iCorrect OneClick Color for iPad? Both versions provide for more resolution options when saving and sharing images. They also add support for sharing on Twitter, Instagram and Muzy; update Facebook support; and allow you to copy images to the iOS device's clipboard.

On iPhone and iPod Touch, you'll also find new tools include a sepia function.

In addition, the iPhone / iPod Touch version of the app provides new zoom and saturation controls, and allows you to convert images to sepia or greyscale. And if you're using an iPhone 5, it also now fully supports that model's high-res display.

More details on the Fresh Air Software website.