Panasonic GX7 First Shots posted: Mirrorless camera’s upgraded sensor promises improved image quality


posted Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 8:24 AM EST


The latest camera to be put through its paces in the IR Lab is the much-talked-about Panasonic GX7, and we've published First Shots taken with the mirrorless compact system camera for you to examine. The GX7 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, 2011's Panasonic GX1, and like that camera, its mission is to provide a worthy street shooter for the enthusiast photographer.

But the Panasonic GX7 is no mere level-up with a few more megapixels: Many of the most important features are brand-new, including a tilting LCD monitor and a tilting electronic viewfinder, as well as Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities for sharing and remote control. And at its heart is a brand-new image sensor that Panasonic says will greatly improve image quality -- a claim we've been eager to test. Resolution is unchanged at 16 megapixels, but the new chip features a redesigned structure for both photodiodes and microlenses. And in a first for the Lumix mirrorless line, that sensor is mounted on a movable platter, allowing it to offer in-body image stabilization as well.

So how does the GX7 and its new sensor perform? Suffice to say, we like what we've seen from our initial test shots but we still have more work to complete before we finish our review. For now you can pit sample photos taken with the GX7 directly against those from the GX1 -- or any other model we've tested -- side by side in our image quality Comparometer™. Let us know what you think!

See First Shots taken with the Panasonic GX7 here. And be sure to read our first impressions Panasonic GX7 review for an initial, detailed look at the mirrorless camera's new features. Stay tuned for our full Panasonic GX7 review in the coming weeks.