Limited-edition variant of Ricoh GR enthusiast compact gets a fashion makeover


posted Monday, October 21, 2013 at 6:25 PM EDT


Last July, we reviewed the Ricoh GR, an enthusiast compact camera with a large APS-C image sensor and bright f/2.8 lens. We found a lot to love, called it a great photographic tool, and awarded it a clear Dave's Pick.

Today, Ricoh has announced a special edition of that camera which keeps all of the great photo features of the standard Ricoh GR, but also makes it an eyecatching fashion statement. The Ricoh GR Limited Edition ships in a high-gloss green wave-tone finish, and comes with a marbled ebony burlwood grip, plus charcoal mode dial and controls. Both the bundled lens hood and adapter also have a custom finish, and a chocolate-tinted leather case / strap are included to complete the effect.


The Ricoh GR Limited Edition also has custom firmware with a special logo shown when the camera is powered off. In other respects, though, it's just the same Ricoh GR we know and love.


Available in limited numbers this November, the Ricoh GR Limited Edition is priced at US$900 or thereabouts. That places it about US$100 above list pricing of the standard version, a reasonable premium of just 13.5% for the fashion makeover.