Carli Davidson’s “Shake” dog photos now in book form


posted Friday, October 25, 2013 at 1:00 PM EST


In 2011, photographer Carli Davidson started taking photos of dogs shaking water off their faces — and found herself with an instant viral hit. Now, two years later, Davidson has put together a book of some of these wonderful images, a collection of 130 different photos of dogs swinging their faces at high velocity. And, like the photo series before it, the book is called Shake.

If the images of a dog, mid-shake, aren't delightful enough, Davidson teamed up with the team at Variable (with the help of a borrowed Phantom Flex) for a high-speed video of the dogs doing their thing. It's exactly as wet and splattering as you'd imagine.

Davidson's work with animals stretches far beyond her shake series, though. She's worked extensively with disabled pets, the Oregon Zoo, and even shot the famous cat Li'l Bub. For more on her, and how she works, we recommend this interview with her from FStoppers from 2012.

You can also pick up individual prints of the dogs from $35, if you'd love to have a large print of a slobbering dog to hang on your wall!