Dad makes incredible Halloween photoshops an annual tradition


posted Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 12:33 PM EST


One dad has gone to new lengths to make photos of his kids every Halloween look extra incredible. Combining great costume ideas and a basic knowledge of Photoshop, he's created a series of images of his kids that are supremely fun (and just cheesy enough).

Over on Reddit, user SpamDog_of_War posted a series of images, saying, "every year we take a posed picture with the kids Halloween costumes." These images show his three children, in costume, flying through the air at full speed. They've been super heroes, Star Wars characters, Harry Potter wizards, and the cast of Peter Pan.

As for taking the photos, there's nothing overly fancy involved. As he explains it, he uses "a tripod, wife on the camera, leaf blower and LOTS of photoshop...". As you can see from this image, he supports the children in mid-air for the photo, and then removes himself from the background in order to create the illusion of flying. It's with the help of the leaf blower and photoshop blurs that the feeling of motion comes in.

The images are then sent out as postcards to family members — which makes them a fair bit better than the usual crop of overly posed Christmas family portraits that are more the norm. And you can't argue with how cute the photos are!

(via DesignTaxi)