Google announces new video and photo features for Google+


posted Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 12:57 PM EDT


Google Plus has always had something of a strong following among photographers, and Google seems keen to keep it this way, announcing a suite of new features and tools that should please anyone with a camera.

For those of you who frequently use Google Hangouts, these have been updated to support local sharing and SMS on Android; allow for scheduled Hangouts with a fixed URL; and automatic webcam fixes to improve how you show up to everyone you're talking to.

Video has also received a substantial overhaul — if you're shooting with some Android 4.3 devices. Much like Google+ can auto edit images, it can now also auto edit video footage, including adding music, with "Auto Awesome Movie".


But by far the most impressive set of changes comes on the photography front. Here's a rundown of what you'll see:

  • Google+ for iOS is getting full-sized backup and background syncing, so your images will be saved at full res automatically.
  • A new way of searching allows Google+ to recognize the subject of images, and lets you search based on that.
  • Auto Enhance now lets you control how strong the edits are.
  • Snapseed now has HDR Scape filter — for an HDR look to your images
  • The Nik Collection has a new editing tool: Analog Efex Pro. And it should be free to existing users.
  • There are new editing tools that allow you to use a series of images to erase bystanders from the background, or combine them into an action collage.

All told, it's an impressive set of new features and tools, for a variety of users. For everything from Lightroom plugins down to iPhone shooters, there's something in the mix for everyone.