Induro announces new PHD3 multi-axis panhead


posted Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 3:31 PM EDT


The newly announced Induro PHD3 panhead combines the best of both pan and ballheads, giving you the same precise control of the former alongside the speed of the latter.

The PHD3 has a single locking knob, which controls the dual axis panhead movement. With that single lock, you can reposition the with a range of +90° to -45° (front to rear), and +45° to -45° (side to side). There's also a locking knob for the 360° graduated panning base, and an Arca-Swiss compatible Quick-Release system that can be rotated 90°.

In a press release, Induro's product marketing manager Brian Hynes said:

“The new PHD3 is a continuation of Induro’s effort to bring innovative tools to professional photographers. Now photographers who prefer the one handed operation offered by most ballheads can also have precise multi-axis camera positioning."

The full feature list of the PHD3 is:

  • Multi-Axis Positioning (Patented): four controls provide convenient and rapid five way camera positioning
  • Single Knob, Dual Front/Rear and Side/Side Tilt Control: simplified independent on- axis settings with left or right hand operation
  • High-Visibility Bubble Level: provides easy viewing necessary to maintain horizontal camera positioning and alignment
  • Horizontal Pan Locking Control: independent movement and locking control knob
  • Base Mounted Laser Engraved Graduated Scale: see and set the position of your pans
  • Bi-Directional Arca-Swiss Compatible Quick Release Clamp: interchangeable industry standard QR system with orientation indexing
  • Double Safety QR Lock with Dual-Action Control: assures safer and more secure change of equipment
  • Balance and Nodal Point Positioning (with optional 3rd party accessories): extends the capabilities to advanced panoramic and stereoscopic photography

The Induro PHD3 weighs 1.7lbs, and has a load capacity of 88.2lbs front to rear, and 44.1lbs side to side. It's available immediately, with an asking price of $385.