Nikon Japan offering custom engraving for Nikon Df


posted Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 2:56 PM EDT


The Nikon Df has generated a fierce amount of excitement, thanks to an excellent teaser campaign in the build-up to its announcement, and its distinctly retro styles. But if you're planning on getting one, would you be willing to mod it to make it personalized to you? Because Nikon Japan is willing to engrave your name on the camera, permanently marking it as your own (and ruining the resale value).

From what we can gather from the Nikon Japan site, from when the camera launches on November 20 until January 31 of next year, you'll be able to get your name engraved on the front control dial of the Nikon Df. It's not clear if you have to pay for the service (Google translate doesn't seem to reveal that), and the usual textured dial cover will be swapped for a smooth, engraved version.

The dial has room for up to 19 characters (including spaces), each of which are 1.7mm high, and silver against the black body of the dial.

Unfortunately, we doubt that other Nikon branches will offer anything similar (much like that Nikon clock). But if you had the chance, would you get yours engraved? It would make an incredible and distinctive looking camera uniquely yours — and you'd know no-one else has something similar. But on the flip side, if you ever want to try and sell it, it'll be that much harder to convince someone since it has your name strapped to the front.

(via FotoActualidad)