Chicago Sun-Times may re-hire some photography staff


posted Monday, November 25, 2013 at 1:44 PM EDT


The Chicago Sun-Times looks like it may be partly reversing its actions from earlier this year, re-hiring some photographers. But it'll only be four of the once large photojournalism staff, with the remaining members receiving a one-time $2,000 payout.

According to the NPPA, a tentative contract settlement has been reached by Sun-Times Media, and the newsroom employees' union. Of the 28 photographers laid off early this year, four will be re-hired, and the remainder will receive $2,000 each, if they agree to waive all future claims.

There's no indication of which photographers will be re-hired, if it'll be by seniority, or an open application. But even so, bringing back 14% of the photographers that the paper had just a year ago is still a marked change.

The Chicago Sun-Times made news earlier this year with the layoffs, which saw them being widely derided, and unflattering comparisons to its competition at the Chicago Tribune. There were also claims that freelancers brought in on occasion were being paid just $65 for their services.

At least this new deal does something to redress the publication's previous actions — but at the same time, $2,000 is hardly what you would call a generous settlement.