How Chase Jarvis crashed a DJI Phantom and Sony RX100 II into the ocean (VIDEO)


posted Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 2:43 PM EDT


If there's one thing the recent spate popularity of drone photography has shown, is that if you're not careful, drones have a habit of falling out of the sky. In fact, famed photographer Chase Jarvis just experienced this first hand with a DJI Phantom and Sony RX100 II, both ending up at the bottom of an Icelandic ocean during a recent trip.

Jarvis was out playing with the DJI Phantom, but was less than impressed with the footage he was getting from it. So he decided to take off the GoPro that's usually attached, and load it up with a Sony RX100 II — a $750 camera on a $500 drone. The RX100 II would ideally provide much better images and video, and is able to be controlled via Wi-Fi, so Jarvis thought he might be able to snap some fantastic pictures with it.

Unfortunately, that's not exactly what happened — the copter and the camera both ended up in the drink, well beyond his reach to recover. Jarvis isn't a newbie user either, he's used the Phantom before. What's a more likely culprit is that both the drone and the camera rely on Wi-Fi communication, so the signals possibly got mixed, hence leading to disaster.

The next generation of DJI Quadcopter is set to allow for autonomous navigation — which will hopefully mean that this sort of crash doesn't happen again!

(via PetaPixel)