FLTR is a weekly smartphone photography magazine, delivered to your iPhone


posted Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 1:18 PM EST


FLTR is a new publication from the esteemed team of the British Journal of Photography, but with a very different slant from their other publication. For one, it focuses purely on smartphone photography. And for another, it's only available on the iPhone, where it will be delivered once a week in digital form.

The app is free, and individual issues will set you back $0.99 each week, or a whole year for $19.99. Here's how they describe the project:

Created by the award-­winning team behind British Journal of Photography, the world’s longest-­running photography magazine, FLTR offers exclusive interviews with both amateur and professional photographers who have found success with their smartphones. There are also stunning pictures, and in­-depth reviews of the best photography apps and accessories for your smartphone, plus how­-to guides to take your photography to the next level and take advantage of your smartphone’s capabilities.

There will also be a social component, where images that are tagged #FLTR on the usual array of social networks will get the chance to be picked up and published in the digital magazine.

There's a lot to pick apart in this new app. For one, it maybe says something about the ever growing legitimacy of "smartphoneography" that publications like the BJP are focusing specifically on it — much like when DPReview announced DPReview Connect. Also, there's the fact that the magazine is designed to go out over the iPhone — even though iPad compatible, it's designed for the smaller screensize. Because, after all, it's the iPhone that people are taking photos from, not the iPad.

We'll be interested to see how FLTR does, and if it can keep going in the long term.