Behind the scenes of that Sony A7 skydiving video


posted Friday, December 27, 2013 at 1:57 PM EST


About a week ago, we profiled an incredibly cool Sony ad, featuring a set of skydivers using the Sony A7 and A7r while in free-fall. One of our commenters pointed out there's actually a behind the scenes video (thanks stuntquest!) which shows something of the process of what went into making the ad.

The shoot only budgeted nine dives to record all the footage needed for the final ad, and with each dive only going on for a maximum of one minute of freefall, that meant very little room for error in recording. In the end the ad is an even minute long, showing just how much of the footage must have made the final cut.

As for the questions about how they performed the actual lens change sequence? One of our commenters on the original post mentioned that there seemed to be no wind in the sleeves for that scene, so it must have been done on the ground. But the video below shows what looks to be the mounting at around 1:10, and it looks like it was shot while still in the plane. And yes, it's done with just one person, not two folks coming together while in freefall.

But we still think it's a very neat ad.