Nikon DF review: Shooter’s Report Part II: A Nighttime Stroll down Fifth Avenue


posted Friday, January 24, 2014 at 3:38 PM EDT

Earlier this week, we kicked off the Shooter's Report section of our Nikon Df review, and now the second part has arrived. Imaging Resource reviewer Eamon Hickey has already shared his thoughts on the retro-styled, full-frame DSLR's unusual user interface. Now, he moves on to find out just how it shoots in the real world.

Eamon recently took the Nikon Df for a nighttime stroll down New York's Fifth Avenue, and as well as sharing some of his favorite shots from the evening, he also offers up some images taken on susbsequent shoots in Central Park and Washington Square Park. And the new Nikon Df gallery photos are matched up with Part II of the Nikon Df Shooter's Report, including thoughts on image quality, shooting performance, and battery life.

Watch this space for part three of the Shooter's Report, where Eamon will be taking a look at the camera's viewfinder, LCD monitor, optics, and more -- and in the meantime, read the Nikon Df review to get his verdict on Nikon's smallest FX-format DSLR to date!