Is Nikon swapping some oily D600 cameras for D610s?


posted Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 3:21 PM EST


The Nikon D600 and its famed issues with oil or dust on the sensor has been a long and storied problem, and arguably the reason why Nikon was so quick to release the Nikon D610. Now it looks like some users who are attempting to get their D600s fixed due to the problem may be getting them swapped for new D610 models, free of charge.

This report comes from Nikon Rumors, who is reporting that users are being upgraded from the D600 to the D610. Most of these claims seem to be coming from Europe, where there might be a small service fee, but that some American users are also now getting the swap, and that they're getting it for free.

Unfortunately, it's not clear why these certain people, and not others, have been graced with the upgrade. Maybe it's to do with the number of times the camera is sent in for repairs? Maybe it's down to the individual repair technician. But it doesn't seem to be universal.

We know this problem drew the ire of a large number of our readers (just check out the comments on this story to see them in action), so we're hoping our readers will weigh in again. Have any of you sent in your Nikon D600 for repair recently? And have you had it upgraded to the D610? If so, let us know in the comments.