Falcon Eye night vision camera would let you see in full color by starlight


posted Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 2:33 PM EST


The Falcon Eye KC-2000 is a new Japanese night vision camera that's promising to let you record full color video, even when it's so dark outside that there's no moon. And while there's a lot we don't know about the camera, the promise of shooting video in the dimmest possible conditions is a powerful one.

According to the official specs, with an f/1.4 lens, the KC-2000 is capable of recording footage in as little as 0.005 lux of illumination—which is just above a totally moonless night. In other words, in about as low light conditions as you can think of. We also know it will use a 2/3-inch sensor, and will have a CS lens mount.

In a press release, manufacturer Komamura's president Tosh Komamura said:

“I'm extremely excited and proud to bring the Falcon Eye color night vision camera to the market,. With this new camera, it will for the first time be possible for news and broadcasting stations to record at night and broadcast events to the public they could not show us before in good quality colors.. We will also see a new category of documentaries of nature and wild life recorded with the Falcon Eye camera, showing how our world looks at night.”

There's a video demonstrating the Falcon Eye's capabilities below, and even better one on the official site. Unfortunately, there's a lot that we yet don't know about the camera, like its price and if it'll be available outside of its home country of Japan. Meanwhile, we're still hankering for more news about Canon's extreme low light sensor—which isn't quite as capable as teh Falcon Eye sensor in the dark, but since it's full frame will look much, much better.

(via Gizmodo)