Nikon video shows the unbelievable precision of the Nikon Master Craftspersons (VIDEO)


posted Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 2:00 PM EST


Nikon has just released a video giving a closer look at the highest echelons of the precision work done in its factories. The 7:37 production is all about the "Nikon Master Craftspersons", a title awarded to Nikon employees who have utterly exceptional knowledge and skills in their field.

Unfortunately, Nikon won't let us embed the video, so you're going to have to click on the link above in order to watch it. But it's a series of interviews with the Nikon Masters, as they talk about the incredibly precise skills that they've picked up in order to make sure every piece of equipment matches the high requirements of Nikon's gear—and that's not just for cameras, but for other optics and industrial applications, too.

As Nikon describes the video:

Nikon Master Craftsperson is a title awarded to experts with exceptional techniques and knowledge, who can serve as role models for next-generation technicians. Their high degree of skills and abundant knowledge are still indispensable, even with today's highly automated manufacturing. This video introduces their invaluable techniques as well as the passion they have for their work.

If you want to read a bit more about the Nikon Master Craftspersons, there is a Nikon page devoted specifically to them. Of those, the work of Kenichi Honda is perhaps the most relevant on a photographic front, as he works on lens polishing for large diameter lenses and SLRs. Joining Nikon in 1968, it took 44 years for Honda to gain the title of Master Craftsperson in his particular field.

These people are all obviously highly specialized experts, and it's fascinating to get a slightly closer look at exactly what they do.

(via NikonRumors)