Form Before Function: this $3500 Luis Vuitton camera bag is the perfect way to carry your Hasselblad Lunar!


posted Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 2:19 PM EDT


Are you the proud owner of an obscenely priced Hasseblad camera? Are you searching for a camera bag that's exactly as affordable and understated as the camera within it? Boy, do we have the bag for you! For the eminently (un)reasonable price of $3,500, you could be the proud owner of a Luis Vuitton camera bag!

For a Luis Vuitton, it's actually a relatively understated bag. It doesn't have the LV logo all over it, or the Luis Vuitton cross. Instead, it's just a black and grey checkered pattern. It's constructed of "Damier Graphite", and is described as "Ideal for carrying small and medium sized cameras, with several useful compartments for accessories, too." And all of that for just $3,500! 

Though, to be fair, Luis Vuitton's market aren't too worried about how much they're paying for a bag. And if you want the style on the cheap, we're sure a knockoff version will be available from someone selling them on the side of the road before too long. Or you could always spend that money with kitting out an absolutely incredible camera with a bunch of amazing lenses, and just buy a normal bag for a tiny fraction of the price. You know, whatever floats your boat.

(DealsRunner, via Mirrorless Rumors)