Gary Fong launches LightBlade flash diffuser, lightbulb adapter kit for LightSphere


posted Friday, February 28, 2014 at 9:43 PM EST


Photo accessory company Gary Fong Inc. has just launched two new accessories aimed at making diffuse flash and video lighting more affordable. The LightBlade flash diffuser mounts on most speedlight flashes, and redirects some of the flash output to create a diffuse direct light, while the remainder continues to the ceiling for bounce flash. The Lightbulb Adapter Kit, meanwhile, works with Fong's existing LightSphere accessory as a video light, needing only your choice of bulb to provide a diffuse, continuous light source for video capture.

Of the two, the LightBlade is the first to ship -- it's available immediately, priced at US$35. The design is similar to the company's now-discontinued Gamma Diffuser accessory for Sony strobes, but with a side mount instead of a front mount. It works for both landscape and portrait shooting with tilt/swivel strobes, and attaches with a silicone strap and velcro fastener. (The combination is secure enough that Fong is happy to dangle both camera and flash from the LightBlade, although we wouldn't recommend trying this yourself.)

The Lightbulb Adapter Kit, meanwhile, ships from April priced at US$50. It fits on standard light stands, comes with a choice of plug types, and accepts standard LED bulbs. (Fong recommends a Philips 11 watt Cool White dimmable LED bulb for good color.) You'll need to supply a LightSphere, available separately; the kit is compatible with the Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount (Generation 5) and the new SpeedSnoot.

See more details on both products in the videos below:

Gary Fong LightBlade introductory video.

Gary Fong Lightbulb Adapter Kit for Lightsphere introductory video.

More details on both can be found on the Gary Fong e-store.