You make the call - Is the D4S the fairest of them all? Nikon D4S First Shots posted (w/ISO 409,600!)


posted Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 5:05 PM EDT


The Nikon D4S has an interesting dilemma: there are no other cameras in our Comparometer that go up to ISO 409,600, and therefore no competition to duel in that premium high altitude. Ah well, there are still a myriad of intriguing comparisons for you to make with our lab test First Shots from Nikon's flagship professional DSLR.

For starters, we're sure there are many of you interested in seeing how the D4S stacks up to the Nikon D4, and perhaps the D3X as well. Others may want to size it up to the Canon 1DX at ISO 204,800, or to the new full frame mirrorless Sony A7R, now known for its exceptional image quality at base ISO.

To pique your curiosity, below is a side-by-side from our Comparometer at ISO 12,800 shot with the Canon 1Dx and the Nikon D4S and zoomed in to full resolution. This handy tool lets you get down to the nitty-gritty at any ISO to determine just how high the cameras can go before noise levels start to take their toll on the overall image quality.

Happy pixel peeping, and when you're done feel free to come back here and weigh in with your opinions on how ths D4S stacks up against the rest.

Canon 1DX                        ISO 12,800                            Nikon D4S

The Comparometer uses straight-from-the-camera JPEGs at default noise reduction settings to give you the most objective and standardized view from camera to camera, but you can also access many of the raw files from the samples page as well for any of these cameras. Feel free to download these for your own testing and comparison purposes (but no commercial use please without our written consent).