Enhance your Photoshop proficiency with these 9 quick workflow tips

by Liam McCabe

posted Monday, April 21, 2014 at 1:22 PM EDT


Still learning the ropes in Photoshop? Learning how to juggle multiple layers is one of the biggest steps you can take to improve your workflow, and SLR Lounge is hosting a guest post from creativeLIVE with some tips to help you on your way.

This guide is meant for new-ish users—the kinds of editors who have figured out the power of layers and masks, but still stumble a bit with the execution. Some steps will seem like no-brainers to experienced users—toggling the eye icon to hide layers is one of the first crucial steps to working with Photoshop at a higher level, for example. But then there are some subtly powerful tips, like learning how to adjust the curves in each layer from the layer stack.


It’s a relatively short guide and basically an advertisement for creativeLIVE video courses. But there’s some good info to help you along the way. Chase Jarvis is a co-founder of creativeLIVE, so there are some great things to learn from the site. Some free tutorials are available on their YouTube channel.

(Via SLR Lounge)