Canon SX700 HS Doubleheader: First Shots and sample gallery images posted


posted Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 4:21 PM EDT


Pocket cameras sure are popular on our site these days... perhaps because spring is finally here and people are gearing up for traveling. Whatever the reason, the Canon SX700 HS and its 30x optical zoom range has drawn a substantial amount of reader interest here as of late.

With that in mind we wanted to get a few things out to you quickly: our lab samples First Shots page let's you view and pixel-peep our initial batch of Still Life lab series images across the ISO spectrum, and also allows you to compare the SX700 HS to the competition, or to its predecessor the Canon SX280 HS in our Comparometer. Below is an example to get you started, comparing the SX700 HS to the Sony HX50V which are similar in both size and zoom range. [note: these are full resolution crops but appear slightly smaller here to fit on this page]

Canon SX700 HS                    ISO 100                       SONY HX50V

After running your lab comparisons head over to our initial SX700 gallery page, where we've included sample images from a variety of ISOs and focal lengths, including several wide-tele examples as well as a series that includes 2x and 4x digital zoom. Below are a few to whet your appetite, including one wide/tele comparison for a 30x perspective. [These are all straight from the camera jpegs except for a size reduction for viewing here.]

1/125s, f/5, 120mm eq., ISO 160

1/320s, f/6.9, 750mm eq., ISO 1000

1/250s, f/3.2, 25mm eq., ISO 100 [wide angle]

1/320s, f/6.9, 750mm eq., ISO 640 [telephoto]

1/160s, f/5.6, 178mm eq., ISO 250

We'll have you more to come in our Canon SX700 HS Shooter's Report, so stay tuned!

   [quick links: SX700 sample gallery • SX700 First ShotsComparometer]

(special note: we just got word that the Nikon S9700 is on the way to our lab, and we'll get First Shots posted the day we receive it so that you can compare it to the SX700.) [UPDATE - Nikon S9700 First Shots now posted]