Can a Canon DSLR with a street price under $500 deliver the goods? Canon T5 - sample gallery posted


posted Monday, June 2, 2014 at 4:36 PM EST


A few weeks ago we posted our first lab shots from Canon's latest entry-level DSLR, the humble and unassuming EOS Rebel T5. Lab shots are a great way to start comparing what a camera can do as compared to the pack, but there's also no substitution for how a camera performs out in the real world.

Jason Schneider, one of our top reviewers, has just delivered his initial gallery samples for his T5 review and we didn't want to make you Canon fans (or anyone in the market for a budget-friendly DSLR) wait for the full review. He's photographed people, landscapes, urban, countryside, sports, high and low ISO, well... you get the picture. And for the most part these are all kit lens shots, in keeping with the spirit of the true budget price.

Head on over to Jason's Canon T5 gallery page where there are now 30 images waiting for you to pixel-peep and analyze. As most of you already know, but it bears repeating for newcomers, clickling on a thumbnail image will bring up a carrier page from which you can access the full resolution image as delivered straight from the camera, as well as the EXIF data.

Below are a few to get you started:

1/1600s, f/22, ISO 6400

1/100s, f/5.6, ISO 1250

1/50s, f/4, ISO 100

Stay tuned for Jason's full Canon T5 shooters report still to come.


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