Buy ONA’s new camera strap, help provide the world with clean drinking water

by Felix Esser

posted Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 2:34 PM EST

Water is the most precious resource on our planet, and is essential to all its inhabitants. Unfortunately, 1 in 9 people on Earth do not have regular access to clean drinking water. The non-profit organization charity: water has an agenda to change that, and you can help by buying ONA's latest camera strap.

Yes, that's right. Accessory manufacturer ONA has teamed up with the charity organization to help provide clean drinking water to people all over the world. The product in question is the Sahel camera strap, which is hand-made of padded black leather and features two chrome buckles that attach to your camera.

But why charity: water? What does that have to do with photography? Well, first of all, I think we can all agree that everyone in the world should have access to clean drinking water. But secondly, charity: water uses compelling photography to tell their stories and document their efforts.

In case you were wondering whether the charity organization is trustworthy, take a look at what Charity Navigator has to say about them. Also, charity: water documents each and every one of their projects and even lets you track them down via Google Maps. So far, the organization has funded almost 12,000 projects in 22 countries, providing over four million people with clean water.

Sounds worth supporting? You can always head over to charity: waters website and help fund their projects. But if you're in the market for a nice leather camera strap, why not get ONA's Sahel? For $99, not only do you get a slick camera strap, you also contribute $30 to funding one of the many projects that charity: water is currently working on.

The ONA Sahel camera strap can be purchased either via ONA's online store, or from charity: water.

(via PopPhoto)