Hasselblad’s new H5X camera combines the best of analog and digital medium format

by Felix Esser

posted Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 11:04 AM EST

Not long ago, Hasselblad introduced the new H5D-50c digital medium format camera sporting a 50 megapixel CMOS sensor, marking the step from CCD to CMOS technology in digital medium format photography. Shortly after that, the company announced a new digital back for its classic V-series cameras, as well as two multi-shot backs for the H5-series.

Now follows the H5X camera body, which bridges the gap between analog and digital medium format. According to Hasselblad, the H5X is "aimed primarily at current H1, H2, H2F and H4X users wishing to upgrade to H5 capabilities." It's somewhat in between an analog medium format camera in that it can be used with both film and digital backs, not only from Hasselblad but also from third-party manufacturers.

At the same time, the H5X can be used with all HC and HCD H-system lenses, just like the current fully digital H5D camera. For users of older analog Hasselblad models, this means that they can use the latest HCD lenses created for the digital H5D-series with their film backs, something that wasn't possible before.

The H5X can also be used with all previous digital backs of the H-series, and thanks to its lens compatibility makes for an ideal back-up body for users of the current H5D camera. The camera will be presented at this year's photokina in Cologne, Germany, at the Hasselblad stands A021, B020, A010 in hall 2.1.

Once available, the Hasselblad H5X will retail for €4,595 ($5,928) without viewfinder and €5,795 ($7,477) with viewfinder, tax not included. More information is available on Hasselblad.com.

(via Photo Rumors)