You ask and we’ll find out! Post your questions now for IR’s Photokina manufacturer interviews


posted Friday, September 12, 2014 at 4:27 PM EST


UPDATE 9/18: Thanks everyone for the great questions! We're closing comments now, as the interviews are now concluded, but stay tuned for much information to come your way!

UPDATE, 9/17: We're just getting ourselves up and ready for Wednesday at the show, questions for Samsung and Olympus are now closed. However, we could use some good reader questions for SIGMA and FUJIFILM for our interviews with them tomorrowWe understand there'll be a fair number of engineers at the Fujifilm meeting, so now's the time to get all those deep-techie questions answered!

It's Photokina time folks, and we've got you covered across the board. Hailing from Cologne, Germany as "The World's Leading Imaging Fair" the show only comes around every two years and is a massive conflagration of all the important players from the digital imaging industry.

We're here with bells on, digging and searching on your behalf to uncover everything we can about current product offerings, specialty products and roadmaps going forward. Just as importantly, we've got interviews scheduled with several of the major players on Wednesday, where our publisher Dave Etchells will sit down for a head-to-head with senior exceutives and product planning specialists to discuss their techniques, trends and anything else we can think of to ask. At this show Dave will be meeting with Olympus, Fuji, Sigma, Samsung and even Kodak.

And, he could use your help! If you have any questions about any of these manufacturers' current products or technology, this is your chance to get them answered. You have until end of day Tuesday, so still plenty of time, as these interviews will not take place until Wednesday.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, though, that there's absolutely no point in asking what's coming next, what new models are planned, etc. For understandable reasons, such questions are never answered, so we don't bother even asking them.

Anything else is fair game, though. Depending on the specific staff we'll get to interview, this is often an opportunity to hear about how various technologies were developed, how products work, and sometimes to get further details about already-published product roadmaps.

So use the comments section below to ask anything you'd like to know about from the five companies listed above! We'll report our findings in a series of articles after the show.