Video fans: You, too, can do your editing in the same software as the Hollywood hit “Gone Girl”


posted Friday, October 3, 2014 at 5:56 PM EDT


Have you ever wondered just what might be possible with your video editing app, given enough time and talent? If you're using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, wonder no more -- get down to your local movie theater and you can see for yourself. According to Adobe, the just-opened movie "Gone Girl", is the first feature-length Hollywood flick to be cut entirely in its flagship non-linear editing app. And it's no straight-to-video flick, either.

Starring Ben Affleck, directed by David Fincher, and shot in 6K resolution on RED Dragon cameras, "Gone Girl" is currently the talk of Hollywood, with an elusive 9/10 user rating from the Internet Movie Database as of this writing. Fully one-third of viewers are giving the film the full 10/10 rating, and that's a mighty impressive feat. If it can hold onto its current rating, it will land in the top 10 places on IMDB's hallowed Top 250 list of the greatest films ever.


Of course, the plot, scripting, acting and cinematography all play a large part in "Gone Girl"'s early success, but editing is also a very important part of the puzzle. It's not surprising, then, that Adobe are excitedly shouting from the rooftops about the film being edited in their app -- and if you're a Creative Cloud user it's pretty cool that you have access to the exact same tool used to such great effect by Hollywood.

For more on why the Gone Girl team chose Premiere Pro CC for their editing work, read the Adobe blog post, which includes comments from Academy Award-winning film editor Kirk Baxter, assistant editor Tyler Nelson, post-production supervisor Peter Mavromates and post-production engineer Jeff Brue.