Canon 5DS R First Shots posted! The 50.6mp full frame high-resolution heavyweight hits IR labs


posted Friday, March 20, 2015 at 7:20 PM EDT


UPDATE 3/25/15: Canon has informed us that image quality from the early pre-production sample of the 5DS R we received was not final, so we've removed links to the original camera files. They said that screen-res images and 1:1 crops are OK, though, and we'll be adding a few more examples of that sort to the camera's main page shortly. Apologies for the disappointment; we'll shoot and post more samples as soon as we receive a production-level version of the camera!

It's here - and a lot sooner than we'd expected. The much anticipated Canon 5DS R, now the highest resolution full frame camera on the planet, has just completed its first pass through our labs.

At 50.6mp this super-high resolution monster is aiming at a share of the market for landscape, architectural and product photographers and is looking to compete against the likes of the 36.3mp Nikon D810 and even the medium format 51.4mp Pentax 645Z.

We've posted a special High Resolution Comparisons section in our 5DS R landing page, so head there for an initial sampling of lab test image crops side-by-side with the D810 and the 645Z, as well as a comparison with the special high-resolution mode onboard the Olympus E-M5 II. We've also included a few higher ISO comparisons as well.

Below is a side-by-side 1:1 crop at base ISO with the 36mp Nikon D810 for an initial glance, and we have much more in the way of crop comparisons and analysis in our High Resolution Comparisons section.

   Nikon D810 (36.3mp)                base ISO                  Canon 5DS R (51.6mp)

[Editor's note: This is a preproduction sample of the 5DS R and may not reflect the final full production image quality.]

Stay tuned for much more to come on the Canon 5DS R!

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