Shutterdial: a search engine that helps you find for images based on camera setting

by Gannon Burgett

posted Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 11:01 AM EDT


Flickr’s latest update dramatically improved its search function by better providing intelligent, contextualized search results. But as rich as its search capabilities may now be, it still doesn’t allow you to search for photos based on camera settings.

Enter Shutterdial, a search platform that does just this. Developed by Tianhe Yang, Shutterdial is designed to let users search for images based on camera settings to better grasp how certain parameters affect the outcome of an image.

In adhering to the rules of Flickr’s API, Shutterdial displays only images that are both public and have been allowed to be displayed on third party sites. This means that most everything you will find through Flickr’s own search engine should appear in Shutterdial.

When visiting Shutterdial, you’re presented with a simple interface that allows you to enter a keyword in addition to the focal length, aperture and shutter speed of your preference. Focal length is entered via your keyboard while aperture and shutter speed are adjusted through sliders.

For being a third party app developed by a single individual, this is one of the more polished projects we’ve ever come across. The web app is responsive, well designed and enables an entirely new way to search for images.

Head over to Shutterdial to take it for a spin.