Nikon P610, L840, AW130: We post a trio of test lab First Shots


posted Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 3:41 PM EDT


Our test lab has been working overtime this week to bring you First Shots for three popular new offerings from Nikon: the P610, L840 and AW130, and they're now available on their respective samples pages as well as being loaded into our Comparometer for comparison against their competition and predecessors.

The P610 is Nikon's latest 60x superzoom offering and is the follow-up to the last year's P600, which took top honors in our Best Superzoom 2014 shootout. Anyone interested in the P610 will certainly want to take a look at image quality comparisons vs the P600, and our Comparometer is just the tool for the job. You can also view the lab First Shots directly on our P610 samples page.

To get you started with comparisons, below is a side-by-side crop at 1:1 resolution from our Comparometer at base ISO beside the P600.

Nikon P600                       ISO 100                         Nikon P610

Next up is the budget-friendly Nikon L840. With a current "street price" hovering around $199, and sporting a 38x zoom range extending out to an 855mm-equivalent reach, this camera is aiming to be the best zoom for the buck around! So how does the basic image quality stack up in the test lab? Take a look at our L840 First Shots and see for yourself, or use the Comparometer to do your own comparison shopping against the long zoom competition.

Last but not least we serve up First Shots for the Nikon AW130, their latest waterproof model, and certainly no "ordinary" upgrade. This is because the AW130 leapfrogs the waterproof competition in the depth department and is submersible to a reported 100 feet! This is much deeper than your average resort dive, so you'll be well-equipped indeed for your next diving adventure. Will good image quality follow you down? Once again our Comparometer is your best place to begin. Below is a side-by-side at 1:1 resolution against the Canon D30 at base ISO, submersible to a reported 82 feet. (The difference in apparent size is due to their differing sensor resolutions.)

 Canon D30 (ISO 100)                base ISO              Nikon AW130 (ISO 125)

Happy pixel-peeping, everyone, and stay tuned for more to come on these three popular cameras from Nikon.

P610 First ShotsL840 First ShotsAW130 First Shots