Over $500K in gear stolen from camera gear rental company LensProToGo

by Gannon Burgett

posted Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 4:00 PM EDT

Yesterday, LensProToGo, a camera gear rental company, had its Concord, Massachusetts headquarters broken into and over half a million dollars in gear stolen.

At roughly 8am on Monday, June 15th, the LensProToGo team showed up at work to find a window smashed, a wall broken through and almost all of their inventory stolen. Since first posting the news they had been robbed, LensProToGo has confirmed $586,000 in Nikon, Canon and Sony gear was taken by the theives.

In addition to LensProToGo’s headquarters, EP Levine, another camera store a few miles down the road was broken into, suggesting the thieves were specifically targeting photo-related business and offices, where high value equipment would likely be stored.

Thankfully, a ‘very large amount’ of LensProToGo’s total inventory was out of the building, being used by customers who had rented the gear. For the gear that was stolen, LensProToGo says LensRentals.com has offered to help LensProToGo fulfill orders.

LensProToGo has sent emails out to customers informing them of the situation and assuring them that no customer information was stolen during the robbery, as that information is stored off-site.

LensProToGo has also published a public list of all of the gear that was stolen during the theft. You can find the entire list of serial numbers, down to the memory cards, on their website. They ask anyone who is purchasing used gear to be vigilant, to make sure they aren’t purchasing stolen goods.

For more information, you can check out their official announcement.