Sony launches ‘α Universe’, a website designed to engage and empower photographers

by Gannon Burgett

posted Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 4:57 PM EDT

Today, Sony has officially launched ‘α Universe’, an engaging website designed to share with the world what Sony and its imaging department is all about; what it means to own Sony gear.

The site is part publication, part portfolio and entirely experiential, taking a behind-the-scenes look at the gear, artists and imagery that Sony’s cameras and optics have captured over the years. As part of the experience, Sony has divided up the website into five main components, each which serve their own purpose of teaching consumers about Sony cameras and optics: Home, Artisans, Social, Calendar and Discover.

We’ll leave it to Sony’s press release to describe what each component entails:

Home -- A “blog style” format with continually refreshed feature stories and upcoming events, plus a link to apply for Sony’s PRO Support service program for working professionals.

Artisans -- The new in-depth homepage for Sony’s rapidly evolving and expanding Artisans of Imagery program. This page features profiles of all 40+ Sony Artisans of Imagery including artist bios, feature galleries and videos.

Social -- This highly visual page will showcase a curated social media lifestream of photos that have been tagged with #SonyAlpha by customers throughout the world, ranging from amateurs to pros.

Calendar -- An interactive calendar that highlights all Sony Imaging events taking place throughout the country, including retail events, trade shows, Artisan workshops and speaking engagements and more. Users have the ability to filter and search by zip code.

Discover -- An engaging archive page hosting all historical αUniverse stories. Particularly useful for those looking to expand their photography / videography knowledge of a certain topic, site visitors can easily search and access content based on a series of pre-selectable keywords/categories.

Whether you’re a Sony user who wants to learn more or someone looking to make the jump to mirrorless, ‘α Universe’ is a wonderful site to get lost in.

Head on over, take a look at the different sections and be prepared for your wallet to feel a little lighter in the coming weeks.