Caffeine Priority: Having fun with Olympus TG-4 teleconverter and fisheye conversion lenses


posted Friday, October 23, 2015 at 6:23 AM EDT


Wake up with IR - Here's today's dose of Caffeine Priority!

I've been shooting the Olympus TG-4 for a Field Test to accompany our first Field Test from Arthur Etchells, and it's the first time I've gotten
the chance to try out their conversion lenses. Well, it's been so much
fun that I couldn't help posting a quick Caffeine Priority with them!

I had initial concerns about attaching them while out in the field, but it couldn't be easier. There's an adapter you need, but I ended up leaving that on all the time, conversion lens or not, as the adapter doesn't add any weight at all. These things screw on with a very reassuring precision! So that's it… screw it on and you're (almost) ready to shoot…. just don't forget to tell the camera it's on there. This is a simple step in the primary menu under "accessory settings/conversion lenses" - turn on the appropriate setting and you're all set!

FCON-T01 19mm eq. fisheye converter

Olympus TG-4 with FCON-T01 (19mm eq.)

The FCON-T01 turns the 25mm equivalent wide angle into a 19mm eq. fisheye lens. That may not sound like a big change, but 19mm appears a lot wider to the eye and takes in 130 degrees of view from the surroundings! Use this when you want to gobble up a lot of real estate, and give things an unusual or off-the-beaten-path perspective.
Olympus TG-4 with FCON-T01 (19mm eq.)

TCON-T01 170mm eq. teleconverter

Olympus TG-4 with TCON-T01 (170mm eq.)

The TCON-T01 extends the telephoto end from 100mm eq. to a generous 170mm eq., which is quite a nice focal length booster. In addition to the range, you get a lot more compression at 170mm, which can give photos a much different look more akin to what advertisers sometimes shoot for. I was a bit surprised by the quality and results from this one, and have left it on the camera a lot since then.

Olympus TG-4 with TCON-T01 (170mm eq.)

So... you can have your tough camera and your conversion lenses too. I realize they've been around for awhile, but they're new to me. Well done on these little guys, Olympus. (Please don't ask for them back!)

Olympus TG-4

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