Stroboscopic photography makes for beautifully abstract photos of basketball players in motion

by Gannon Burgett

posted Friday, October 30, 2015 at 1:57 PM EDT

Even if you don’t know what a stroboscopic photograph is, it’s likely you’ve seen one before. Stroboscopic photography is the process of using a single exposure and multiple flashes to light up the subject matter, usually with motion involved to invoke a sense of movement and energy.

Ilko Allexandroff, a photographer based in Kobe, Japan, shared a video yesterday demonstrating how stroboscopic photography was used in a recent shoot of his to capture photographs of basketball players in motion.

The video comes in at one and a half minutes and takes a behind the scenes look at how Allexandroff uses multiple off-camera speedlights to capture the images. In the video’s description, Allexandroff says the resulting photos shared in the video are straight out of camera, no post-processing.

Allexandroff also shared two blog posts of his that talk about previous stroboscopic shoots, including setup, prep, gear and other details that create the hauntingly abstract images.

(via ISO 1200)