Teenage photographer with a Nikon D810 showcases the surfing pipeline like never before!


posted Friday, November 6, 2015 at 6:31 PM EDT


Leroy Bellet may be only 16 years old, but his surf images have graced the covers of major Australian surfing publications such as Surfing Life and Surfing World, among others.

Leroy uses a Nikon D810, a Nikon 16mm fisheye lens, and a Nikon SB-910 flash unit inside of an Aquatech housing to capture unique images of surfers. Leroy does a lot of his shooting at sunrise and sunset to capture the unique colors while using artificial light to freeze the action and illuminate the surfer he's photographing. What makes Leroy's images so awesome is that he is in the wave with the surfer, which gives his shots a unique perspective and a strong sense of action.

And yet.... it's a full frame DSLR no less! (Would you do that??)

Check out the video below to see an interview with Leroy and view his process in action.


(Seen via FStoppers)