The ‘Robin Hood of Photography’ lives to steal rare shots and deliver them to the masses


posted Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 12:08 PM EDT


The New York Times takes us on a journey with Victor Thomas as he goes around New York City capturing images. Victor is not just any New York City photographer, he is part of a small group of photographers that refer to themselves as "Urban Explorers", or "UrbExers" for short.

Victor and other UrbExers go to places where people aren't meant to explore for safety or legal reasons. Places like subway tunnels and the roofs of skyscrapers are the artistic stomping grounds of Victor, known online by his apt handle, Vic Invades. In pursuit of beautiful images, there are no places he won't go. He knows the risks, but he considers them to be outweighed by artistic considerations.

"Trespassing is definitely what I do," Victor says. Victor was a photographer before he began UrbEx'ing, but now he has a taste for the rush that urban exploring provides and his two passions have combined. The result of this combination is excellent and very unique images, as seen below.


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Victor has been arrested for urban exploring before, causing him to stop taking photos for some time. However, he found the drive again and has since become more cautious in his pursuits. In the end, New York City is his canvas, and Victor feels compelled to be an urban explorer photographer, risks and all.

"UrbExing is super dangerous," Victor says. I'm inclined to agree. For those of us not quite up for exploring like Victor does for ourselves, he takes us on his visual journey via his Instagram page.

(Seen via the New York Times