Feel-good photos: ‘When I Grow Up Project’ turns kids’ career dreams into print-worthy reality


posted Monday, November 9, 2015 at 5:04 PM EST


Here's a little feel-good photography to get your week started on the right note: Commercial photographer Brandon Cawood has started the 'When I Grow Up' project with his wife and his sister. Brandon's sister, Malisa Cawood, is a fifth grade teacher and her students are the models for Brandon's project.

The concept behind the project is to represent the career goals of children through imaginative imagery. Through the use of composite photography, Brandon has been able to put the children into scenes that depict them in their dream career. Some images depict children as police officers, professional athletes, scientists, and even as the President of the United States.

Brandon is taking the images and creating an 18-month calendar to raise money for the City of Refuge foundation.