Life after loss: Fernando Krasovitzky finds a second chance at happiness through photography


posted Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 12:18 PM EDT


For many of us, photography is simply something that we enjoy doing, but for Fernando Krasovitzky, photography saved his life

During the December of 2009, Fernando's wife was diagnosed with cancer. After a difficult four-year fight, she passed away in April of 2013. After 10 years together, she was gone and Fernando felt an indescribable pain.

While struggling to find enjoyment in life for several months after his wife's passing, Fernando saw "an epic sunrise" that made him feel like his wife was present, in a way, in the scene. He captured the scene on his phone and shared it online. Photography had given his life enjoyment again; Fernando had found his way of healing. Fernando began to capture sunrise images every morning, and with his spirits lifted by the warm reception of his photos by people online, he went out and bought his first DSLR camera.

Fernando soon began to spend all of his time studying photography, trying to improve his work. Fernando began to see beauty in the world that he hadn't seen before. His recovery could be seen in his photography.

"At first, the subjects I decided to shoot...reflected the darkness that wandered in my life," Krasovitzky says, "but gradually my pictures started to show some hints of light and hope, a clear sign that my recovery was in process."

Travelling to National Parks throughout the United States and beyond, Fernando was able to experience nature in a profound way. There was something particularly powerful about solitude in nature, as he was able to peacefully reflect and see life in a different way. While alone at Arches National Park in Utah, he was enveloped in complete and total silence. It was then that he decided to pursue photography professionally.

Fernando's specialty is landscape photography, although he also enjoys wildlife and abstracts. You can view more of his work on 500px, Instagram, and his website

For Fernando, photography helped him through a great tragedy. He was given a second chance to find happiness. It is "never too late to find and pursue a passion," he says. While life is unpredictable and can be cruel, Fernando was given a second chance, or as he likes to call it, "a second life" thanks to photography. 

(Seen via DIY Photography. Index image: Kingdom of Light