Pack your bags! Preparing for your photo adventure with Chris Burkard


posted Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 6:29 PM EDT


Chris Burkard has released a two-part gear review video series. The first part has Chris doing a very thorough discussion of all the essential gear you will need for your standard outdoor photography trip. The second part is more focused on miscellaneous gear that isn't necessarily related to photography, such as camping gear. No stone is left unturned as Chris covers everything in great detail.

Unlike a lot of photographers, Chris opts for regular backpacks and bags rather than dedicated camera bags. He does this for a few interesting reasons. He doesn't want to attract the attention of thieves, he doesn't want everyone to know that he's a photographer (as this can sometimes make an experience feel less authentic for him), and he has found that camera backpacks can sometimes forego structural integrity and comfort for the sake of being able to fit more gear.

In Chris' two bags, he keeps a wide variety of gear. The priority is to be able to have everything he needs while keeping the weight of his packs at the bare minimum. He has tons of great ideas for gear and accessories to pack for your photo trips. If you follow his advice, you'll never want for gear when you're in the field. Check out the videos below to see the breakdown of his gear, including a look at his Sony A7R II (which he loves, by the way).

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